About retirengineering

Welcome! I’m Robert, a 25 year old Engineer living in beautiful Brevard County, Florida. I started retirengineering to track my savings towards retirement in the usual and unusual ways. retirengineering details my thoughts about saving, investments, tax advantaged accounts, passive income, churning and more!


I have a BS in Computer Engineering from Auburn University, and am pursuing an MS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech. I am employed as an Engineer in Brevard County, FL, and working and saving towards an early retirement. This blog was created in February 2017 to detail my progress towards an early retirement.


My goals for this blog are as follows:

  1. Document my progress towards an early retirement
  2. Teach others about saving towards retirement
  3. Earn a few bucks to go towards my own retirement


Why did I decide I want to retire so early? I’m only 25, what gives?

I felt like I wanted to retire shortly after entering the workforce. My first real employer after college offered little interesting work, a highly political environment, small raises and a salary that didn’t feel worth it. Less than a year after starting work, I already felt burned out.

I worked at that company for almost 2 years before leaving, and hopefully my new job at my new employer will be interesting enough for me to enjoy work. Doesn’t hurt to prepare for the worst anyways! I’m at least 10 years away from being able to retire comfortably, more exact figures to come later. Follow along to see my progress, and hopefully you’ll learn something that can help your quest towards financial independence or early retirement as well!